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When we look at the history of Toshiba's medical equipment, the word "first" often reappears.
Toshiba was the first in Japan to begin research on X-ray tubes in 1914, and has continued to be a national leader in diagnostic imaging equipment, being the first to introduce many products, including MRI and helical CT.
We are continuing to write new pages in the history of medical equipment development.

1875 Tanaka Manufacturing founded (1904, start of Shibaura Manufacturing)
1890 Hakunessha founded (1899, start of Toshiba Electric)
1914 Start of Toshiba medical device business
Start of research on X-ray tubes (First in Japan)
1930 Establishment of Nihon Iryo Denki Ltd as a sales company for medical devices, including X-ray, fully financed by Tokyo Electric Co. Ltd.
1932 Fluorescent plate developed (First in Japan)
1935 Ink-recording electrocardiographs developed (First in Japan)
Condenser discharge X-ray tube developed (First in Japan)
1939 Merger of Shibaura Manufacturing and Tokyo Electric Co. Ltd.
and establishment of Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co. Ltd.
1942 Nihon Iryo Denki Ltd absorbed by Toshiba through a war-time business merger
1948 Reestablishment of Nihon Iryo Denki Ltd., the forerunner of Toshiba Medical
1951 Electroencephalography system developed (First in Japan)
1954 X-ray fluorescent intensifier tube (I.I.) developed (First in Japan)
1955 Fluorescent intensified X-ray fluoroscopy system developed (First in Japan)
1959 Transistorized electrocardiograph developed (First in Japan)
1961 Successful clinical test of electronic transmission of X-ray TV images Tokyo and Osaka (First in Japan)
1967 Medical Systems Division established.
1972 Toshiba Medical (domestic company) established
1976 Toshiba International Corporation Medical Division established in U.S.A.
1977 Electric scan-type Ultrasound system (SAL-10A) developed (First in the world)
1978 X-ray Whole body CT system (TCT-60A) developed (First in Japan)
1979 Nasu Operations established
1981 Toshiba Medical Systems Europe B.V. established
1983 First MRI (MRT-15A) and Digital fluorography system (DFP-02A) developed
1984 Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co. Ltd. changes their name to Toshiba Corp.
1985 Slipring CT scanner (TCT-900S) developed (First in the world)
1987 Toshiba Nasu Tube Factory established
Achieved production of the 20,000th X-ray TV system (First in the world)
1992 Quality assurance system for ISO9001 certified
1993 Began sales of digital fluorography systems incorporating digital CCD camera (First in the world)
1995 CT fluoroscopy developed (First in the world)
1996 Super-conducting, open MRI developed (First in the world)
1997 Achieved production of the 100,000th ultrasound system (First in the world)
1998 Multislice and half-second helical CT (Aquilion) developed (First in the world)
1999 MRI noise-reduction technology developed (Pianissimo mechanism) (First in the world)
2000 Global Headquarters functions consolidated at Nasu operations
2003 Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation established
Began sales of X-TV system with direct-conversion type flat panel detector(FPD)
Began sales of EXCELART Vantage™, the world's quietest MRI system with the world's shortest magnet
2004 Achieved production of the 150,000th electronic-scan-type diagnostic ultrasound system
Achieved production of the 15,000th CT system
Began sales of the 64-detector-row CT system (Aquilion™64)
Established software development centers in software houses in China and India
2005 Began sales of PET-CT system with moving gantries (Aquiduo™) (First in the world)
2006 Began sales of diagnostic X-ray angiography system with floor-mounted multi-access arm (Infinix™-i INFX-8000V) (First in the world)
Toshiba Medical Research Institute USA established
2007 Toshiba Medical Systems (China) Co., Ltd. established in Beijing
Developed 320-row area detector CT (Aquilion ONE™)
Achieved production of the 20,000th CT system
Began sales of diagnostic cardiovascular ultrasound system (Artida™), which can display three-dimensional image of the heart in real time
2008 Acquired the Advanced Visualization Imaging System section of Barco in Scotland
Developed new image processing technique for diagnostic X-ray angiography system (PureBrain™)
2009 Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems Europe Ltd established
Established Customer Support & Training Center (CSTC)
2010 Began sales of hybrid surgical X-ray angiography system with tilting catheterization table (First in the world)
Began sales of large-bore 3-Tesla MRI system (Vantage Titan™3T)
2011 Acquired Vital Images, Inc. in the USA
Developed low-dose CT scan technology (AIDR 3D)
Started multicenter study of non-contrast-enhanced MRA technology Time-SLIP (First in the world)



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