Hitachi .7T Altaire

High-Field Performance With The Comfort Of Open MR

The seamless blending of high-field performance and the patient comfort of Open MRI was up until now mutually exclusive. Hitachi .7T Altaire employs a unique blend of innovative Hitachi features called VOSI® technology, optimizing each sub-system’s performance in concert with the other sub-systems. In this way, Altaire is able to shatter old performance barriers while still delivering all of the benefits of Open MRI. Hitachi .7T Altaire is exactly what one would expect from Hitachi, the world leader in Open MRI.

Vertical-Field with Optimized Sub-System Integration

An MR imaging system is made up of sub-systems that must work in close concert to create a high quality magnetic resonance image. Careful specification and design of not only the magnet, but also the gradient, radio frequency and computer sub-systems is critical to consistently high image quality. Optimization of any one of these sub-systems in isolation will not necessarily yield high image quality.


VOSI (pronounced Vo' sigh) technology is the embodiment of Hitachi's attention to each aspect of the imaging system's specification, design and manufacture.

Through the application of VOSI technology, Hitachi is able to optimize image quality in an open architecture vertical field system.


Superconductive Magnet


    0.7T Vertical Field


    Extremely high homogeneity


    Self-shielded to contain five gauss line within scan room which eliminates need for magnetic shielding thereby potentially reducing construction costs and allowing windows to be included in scan room design


    Post to post: 115cm (45.3 inches)


Advanced Computer System


    64-bit RISC based architecture


    1 GB of memory


    Large LCD color monitor


    Intuitive Open Windows-based graphical user interface


    Comprehensive multi-tasking capabilities


Powerful Gradient System


    Maximum Amplitude of 22mT/m


    Slew Rate of 55 T/m/s


    Allows for short inter-echo times


    Enables very short TEs


    Powerful enough for advanced imaging techniques such as single-shot EPI


Patient Table


    Table width: 80cm (31.5 inches)


    Tabledrop: 49cm (19.2 inches)


    Weight limit of 500 lbs


    Power Driven in six directions


Unique Open Design


    Designed for maximum openness


    Uses Hitachi’s signature asymmetric two-post architecture


    Gap: 47cm (18.5 inches)


    Reduces claustrophobia which leads to less rescanning caused by anxious patients


    Open on all four sides allowing easy access to the patient

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