Time Medical PICA

Whole Body MRI System



The strength of a 1.5T magnet, brought to you at a value unlike nothing before. Although the PICA is new to the Western market, Time Medical spared no expense creating one of the newest top of the line MRI machines. Its unique construstion, allowes the PICA to produce scans in half the time as that of a current MRI scanner in the market. It also has an open design, which offers maxium comfort for all patients.


Magnet System:


Permanet magnet


Field Strength: .35 Tesla


Opening 400 mm


Magnet Weight: 17,200 kg / 37,840 lbs


Gradient System:


Amplitude: 25 mT/M (PICA Standard)


Rise Time: .37 ms


Slew Rate: 90 T/m/s