MRP - 7000 MRI: Systems which first popularized the very concept of Open MR

Because of its dependability, the Hitachi MRP-7000 remains popular more than a decade after the first U.S. system was shipped. In fact, an overwhelming percentage of the Hitachi MRP MRI systems sold in the U.S. are still performing clinical scans today. This, combined with the tendency of all Hitachi MRI systems to maintain high resale values, has made this system one of the most sought-after scanners on the used equipment market.




    Large rectangular opening and short gantry length




    speed power-driven longitudinal movement


    Power driven vertical movement down to 17" for patient convenience


    Power-driven lateral movement for easy positioning and optimal anatomical localization


    Table weight limit of 500lbs.


Gradient System


    8mT/m Gradient Amplitude


    <700msec slew rate


Computer & Reconstruction System


    32 bit multitasking CPU


    Dedicated array processors for image reconstruction and processing


    High-resolution display (512 X 512)


    DICOM 3.0 compliance (optional)




    .3 Tesla




    Vertical Orientation


    Self Shielded


    8.0' (horizontal) x6.8' (vertical) – 5 Gauss fringe field